Service Guarantee and Surety Company

Service Guarantee & Surety Company

Customized Surety Solutions

A.M. Best Financial Strength Rating of A (Excellent)

Surety bonding for businesses, contractors, individuals, and the legal community.

Types of Contract Bonds Service Issues:

  • Bid Bonds, Performace, Payment, and Maintenance Bonds

  • Demolition Bonds

  • Developer's Site Plan, Site Improvement, and Subdivision Bonds

  • General Contractors and Trades

  • Janitorial Services Bonds

  • Security Services

  • Supply Contract Bonds

  • Transportation, School Bus, Trucking and Waste Hauling Bonds

  • Technology/Media Services Bonds

Types of Commercial Bonds Service Issues:

  • General Compliance Bonds

  • License and Permit Bonds

  • Lost Instrument and Lost Stock Certificate Bonds

  • Lottery Bonds

  • Private Investigator Bonds

  • School Tuition Bonds

  • Used Car Dealership License Bonds

Types of Court Bonds Services Issues:

  • Appeal Bonds

  • Administrator Bonds

  • Attachment Bonds

  • Conservator/Temporary Conservator Bonds

  • Estate & Probate Bonds

  • Guardian Bonds

  • Property Management Bonds

  • Receiver Bonds

  • Release of Lien Bonds

  • Replevin Bonds

  • Temporary Restraining Order Bonds

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